Celebrating a legacy of well-being - 2014

To celebrate our 30th anniversary, SpaHalekulani is offering specially priced, 30-minute custom massages through the end of August 2014.

At SpaHalekulani, we infuse the concept of well-being throughout the entire spa experience, providing healthy practices that inspire an elevated lifestyle. We proudly incorporate rituals and ingredients for massages that are indigenous to the islands. 

A visit to SpaHalekulani begins with a Spa Salutation, which allows guests to sit back, relax and connect with their surroundings.

This essential transition ritual, tied to our Polynesian and Hawaiian heritage, uses ni’au. The ni’au is the great leaf of the coconut tree. The spines of the palm leaves are removed, cleaned and dried, then wrapped together to create a wand or brush. The ni’au sticks, also used in hula, are employed here at the spa to gently stimulate circulation through the feet. This practice also helps guests fully immerse themselves in the spa experience.

Once the Spa Salutation is complete, guests are escorted to the private rooms for their custom treatments. Following their spa treatment, guests relax on the spa terrace. Here, they receive a refreshing, post-treatment tea service with mochi ice cream.

From arrival, through our transition ritual, treatment and our post-treatment service, we provide an experience that is both immersive and rejuvenating.

Our spa treatments range from Polynesian and Asian massages, to body treatments and skin care. Each treatment traditionally lasts 50 to 80 minutes, however in celebration of our 30th anniversary, guests can experience 30-minute area-specific custom massages for  30% off, or $95. Our 30-minute mini-moisturizing facial is also specially priced at only $115. 

We invite you to experience the relaxing and restorative services available at SpaHalekulani. To book your treatment with us, please complete a reservation request. We look forward to seeing you soon.