Discover ways to Live Well at Halekulani

The popular and informative Living Well Lectures continue this fall. These inspiring monthly talks, given by resident Lifestyle Coach, Kamala Skipper, offer tips and tools to make better choices for a more healthful life. 

The next Living Well Lecture is on Work Life Balance and takes place on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. In this talk, Kamala will discuss how to live well despite the pressures of work. “There are great health benefits to having a well defined life purpose and connecting with your creativity and ‘flow’,” Kamala says. “It’s also important to look at and understand not just how we manage our time, but how we manage our energy. It helps to avoid burn out.” Kamala says that women especially can be overwhelmed by the demands of life. Along with elements of good nutrition and sleep, this lecture will provide insight into how to better integrate life and work. 

Just in time for Thanksgiving, the lecture on Thursday, November 17 is on Positive Psychology.  “Gratitude is so important,” says Kamala. “Studies show that happy people are more likely to be successful. And happy people attract other people to them.” Kamala will discuss practical methods for learned optimism and tools to embrace a more positive perspective and mindset.

The final topic for the year is Sugar, the Bittersweet Truth. In this talk on Thursday, December 15, Kamala will discuss the reality of the impact that sugar has on our bodies, and healthier ways to satisfy our sweet tooth. “Everyone is different, and we deal with sugar differently,” Kamala says. However in general, we consume too much sugar. “In the 1700s, people ate about 5 pounds of sugar a year,” she says. “Now the average American eats 150 pounds of sugar a year. That’s a lot and we are not designed to process that much sugar.“ Kamala will discuss ways to bring awareness to what we’re eating, so we can make better food choices.

Halekulani is pleased to offer the Living Well Lectures free of charge to our guests. For non-hotel guests, the cost is $25 per session. Paying participants will receive a $25 gift certificate to SpaHalekulani, our beachfront spa in Waikiki. The lectures take place in our second floor conference room. For more information, and to reserve your space in an upcoming Living Well Lecture, call SpaHalekulani at 808.931.5322.