Milk chocolate macadamia nut magic

La Mer restaurant has always drawn food lovers from around the world to its fine dining in Waikiki. Recently, it became the most celebrated of all restaurants in Hawaii, receiving both a Forbes Travel Guide Five Star and AAA Five Diamond award. Now, there’s another delicious reason to anticipate a meal at La Mer, their new chocolate macadamia nut pearls.

Mark Freischmidt, Pastry Chef at La Mer, created these after-dinner chocolates as a memorable gift for their guests. “I wanted to create an artisanal chocolate that celebrates the best of the Hawaiian Islands,” he says. “And I wanted to make them fun, so made them to pop and crackle in your mouth, like a candy from childhood.”

Invented this past summer, it took Mark a month to perfect the ingredients and the process. Through trial and discovery, he determined the best flavors and the best way to create these distinct treats.

The chocolates, made on-site in La Mer’s pastry kitchen, start with local macadamia nuts that are caramelized with vanilla, then salted. Slowly, the nuts are covered in milk chocolate through the use of a panning drum that turns the nuts, ensuring they are thoroughly coated. Along with the initial layers of chocolate, Mark adds the carbonated sugar. It’s this carbonation that creates the distinct popping sensation. Each milk chocolate macadamia nut is then finished with pearl dust that has a hint of a blue shimmer, reminiscent of Halekulani’s blue.

The only way to savor these distinctively delicious chocolates is at La Mer, where guests receive them as a thank you gift at the end of their memorable meal at the best restaurant in Honolulu.