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New Menus at House Without a Key

House Without A Key is Halekulani's popular beachfront restaurant that offers informal meals throughout the day as well as cocktails, appetizers and entertainment. Now guests have an added reason to return, our new menus.

“We just introduced new items to both our lunch and our dinner menu,” says Oswaldo Rabago, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage. For example, the lunch menu now includes a Roast Beef Dip. It’s a prime rib, thinly sliced with melted Swiss cheese. “We use prime rib in the sandwich, which you don’t find elsewhere,” Oswaldo says. “We also offer a new take on a club sandwich.” The Halekulani Club House has thinly sliced poached chicken breast with a fried egg.

Guests are delighted to discover that the dinner menu now offers steamed onaga. “It was a favorite on the Orchids menu and people requested it so often, we introduced it to the House Without a Key menu,” Oswaldo says. Onaga is a local red snapper. “It’s fileted and prepared in more of an Asian style, and served with Asian greens and shitake mushrooms.” The fish is steamed, so it’s soft, delicate and maintains its freshness.

There are three new desserts to try. The Pineapple Cheesecake comes with a rum caramel. The Hawaiian Chocolate Trifle has an Organic Honey Cream, while the Lilikoi Meringue Tart is with a coulis of exotic fruit. All the desserts offer a distinct taste of our islands.

While there are new items, our signature dishes are still on the menu. Poke is available at many Oahu resorts, “but people tell us they like our poke the best,” Oswaldo says. Our poke starts with fresh Ahi tuna, which is marinated, then diced. Sea asparagus is added to it, for a crunchy texture. “Another favorite appetizer is our coconut shrimp. Guests love it,” he says. Joy’s Special is named for the chef who created the sandwich with King Crab and iceberg lettuce. “People keep coming back for Joy’s Special.”  

The dishes are available now at House Without A Key. It’s a destination with an iconic view and a fresh selection on its menu.