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For You, Everything Cultural Offerings

 In the coming months, the following events and tours are available.   Please feel free to contact our concierge for more information.


The Bishop Museum

There are two major exhibitions at the Bishop Museum in the coming months.

Nature’s Wonders, August 2 – October 27, 2014

This exhibition, Nature’s Wonders, is the first of its kind in Hawaii. It consists of art made up of iridescent butterflies, dainty sea horses, and shimmering beetle shell jewelry.


Guitar: The Instrument That Rocked the World — through September 1, 2014

The exhibit features more than 60 musical instruments from the rare and antique guitars of 17th Century Spain, to the electric Fender Stratocaster. More than 5,000 square-feet of space is dedicated to the science, sound, history and cultural impact of the instrument.


Doris Duke's Shangri-La — the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month

Shangri-La is a tribute to Doris Duke’s love of a location and her equally fervent love of Islamic Art. This October, in addition to the rooms and grounds that are currently part of the tour, the Mughal Suite will be re-opened following its extensive renovation. Consisting of her bedroom, bathroom and dressing room, this suite will provide additional gallery space in which to view her collection.

Complimentary tours are provided to Halekulani guests. Space is limited, so reserve your space by contacting our Concierge.


The Honolulu Museum of Art

There are several exhibitions opening at the Honolulu Museum of Art and Spalding House in the coming months.


Land Division: An Installation by Sean Connelly — August 14, 2014 - November 09, 2014

Land Division is the first solo museum installation by Oahu artist Sean Connelly. It consists of thousands of tree trunks, cut from species invasive in our state. The tree trunks are organized into a large sculptural form, resulting in a commentary on the watersheds and urban development in Hawaii.


Loomless: Contemporary Fiberworks from the Museum’s Collection — August 14, 2014 - January 25, 2015

Contemporary fiber art can involve elements such as paper, leather, paint or wood and include sculpture as well as two-dimensional forms. This exhibition includes works by Olga de Amaral, Norma Minkowitz, Joan Livingstone, Ferne Jacobs, Barbara Cooper, John Davis and others, and includes techniques such as papermaking, stitching and assemblage.


Spalding House at the Honolulu Museum of Art
HI Society, August 13, 2014 - January 04, 2015

This multimedia exhibition begins with two installations by local artists Brenda Cablayan and April Hokulani Drexel that ask: “Who lives here?” Photographic portraits by Cheyne Gallarde and Shuzo Uemoto touch on issues of ethnic stereotypes and cultural identity. In addition, a multimedia collaboration between artist Edwin Ushiro and storyteller Lopaka Kapanui explores and illustrates the role of folklore in shaping perceptions.


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