Halekulani Art Gallery Exhibit – ETHEREALITY: Watercolors and Ceramics by Charles Higa

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By Charles E. Higa
(Honolulu, 1933 – 2012)

Charles Higa’s dreamlike watercolors combine misty images often layered with surprisingly crisp geometrical forms creating his distinctive signature paintings.  His ceramics are similarly recognizable, with playful shapes and colors dancing on its surface. Both are mediums that Higa found challenging, and he delighted in the partnership with the unpredictable nature of both materials.


Higa received his BFA at University of Hawaii and MFA at New York University.  He served his military tour of duty in Germany before returning to Hawai’i with a commitment to Art and to Hawai’i.


His exhibitions nationally and internationally include New York, California and Washington D.C., as well as Germany, Canada, and Okinawa. Higa won numerous awards and his work is part of the Hawaii State Art Museum and the Honolulu Museum of Art.   He also served for over 40 years as an Art instructor at various local public schools, most notably at McKinley High School.


Higa’s partner for fifty years, Peter Drewliner, says, “Charlie tried to capture the spirit of the East and the structure of the West in his creations. His passion and legacy, however, was not only creating Art, but a means to engage, challenge and enlighten the youth around him.


Higa mentored and inspired Drewliner and well as their good friend and local ceramicist, Kenny Kicklighter to expand their own artwork, and they continue Higa’s legacy by tirelessly helping the youth in our community, through Art.


Drewliner’s and Kicklighter’s ceramics can be seen in this gallery alongside Charles Higa’s ethereal works.

Charles Higa Exhibit

Charles Higa