David Stewart The Ageist
Signature Experiences

Visiting Master Experience: Optimal Sleep for Health & Vitality – Featuring The Ageist

We are delighted to share our next Visiting Master experience will welcome David Stewart – The Ageist.

This week long seminar & consultation series will focus on the interplay between wellness and aging. As more and more people continue to find joy later in life, it is important to consider what habits they want to cultivate to encourage long-term happiness.

Some of the information shared during this event will include:

  • Why we need quality sleep and the health consequences of not getting enough
  • Jet lag strategies that work
  • Is your bedmate is keeping you awake?  Best practices for sleeping couples
  • Learn how to “land the plane” with nightly sleep preparation routines
  • The effects of eating light, caffeine and alcohol on sleep
  • The usefulness of supplements, sleep trackers and equipment

The event will take place from August 19 through August 26, 2023.

This unique series offers opportunities on the following days:


  • August 19 – Art of Wellbeing Presentation:  Sleep Well, Live Long

Location:  Veranda

Time:  11:00am-12:00pm

Price:  Complimentary for guests of Halekulani and Halepuna, $25 for residents and outside guests


  • August 20 – Halekulani Welcomes Visiting Master, David Stewart – The Ageist (Introduction)

Location:  Garden Terrace

Time:  1:00pm-2:15pm

Price:  Complimentary for all attendees


  • August 20 thru 26  – Sleep and Optimal Health Consultations (individual & couples)

Location:  Kiawe Room

Time:  10:00am – 5:00pm

Price:  1 hour at $325 per session


* ‘General health’ consultations for better sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress reduction will also be available.

David Stewart The Ageist


About David Stewart

David is the founder and the face of AGEIST. He is a passionate champion of the modern 50+ lifestyle, and a leading authority on the mindset and aspirations that drive this influential demographic. As the go-to reference on people in our age group, he frequently shares his expertise and insights, with major media publications including WSJ, The Times of London, CNN, South China Morning Post, Forbes and Fortune. He has interviewed hundreds of the leading science and medical authorities on the best practices in health and wellness, as well as over as thousands of people in the over 50 cohort, and is sought out for his ability to communicate these findings in an entertaining and understandable manner. He also consults for a wide range of Fortune 500 brands and businesses. A magnetic speaker, he delivered the keynote at The Global Wellness Summit in Singapore, Monocle Quality of Life, HIMMS Las Vegas and many other large scale venues. Before he launched AGEIST, Stewart is an award-winning photographer, whose work includes multiple magazine covers and global advertising campaigns.


He and his team have developed the SuperAge® program for how to live longer and better, the basics of which are Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Stress Reduction and Community. By taking care of these basics we can all avail ourselves to the dramatic advances in health and lifespan technology that will be part of our lives in the very near future.