Woman jogging on Waikiki Beach
Fitness & Well-Being

Scenic Jogging Maps

You can stay active while enjoying your stay at Halekulani. Step outside and take advantage of some of the best weather in the world while getting a workout in. Our staff have put together a few jogging maps varying in length and intensity.

Ala Moana Loop

Ala Moana Loop jogging map

2.5 miles, 4k  |  3.2 miles, 5.12k with additional loop

Run towards the airport along Ala Moana, turning into the park after the Ala Wai bridge. Run along the beach, then the road will turn towards the mountains. If you turn right on Ala Moana to return, your run will be 2.5 miles. If you turn left and add the additional loop, it will be 3.5 miles.


Diamond Head 10k

Diamond Head 10K jogging map

6.2 miles, 10k  |  7.7 miles, 12.4k with distance to hotel

This is the 10k run that is part of the Tin Man Triathlon. At the base of the fountain at the head of the park, the run will take you around Diamond Head, and across the back on Elepaio Street.


Ala Wai Canal

Ala Wai Canal jogging map

4 miles, 6.44 km

From the hotel, run towards the mountains on any cross street, and then turn in either direction when you reach the canal to make a loop around it and the golf course. Total round trip is 4 miles.


Kapiolani Park

Kapiolani Park jogging map

3.5 miles, 5.63 km

This run will take you from the hotel, around the park and the zoo, and then back to our front door.