Sea Salts of Hawaii

The Journey of Sea Salts of Hawaii: From the Deep Ocean to Your Plate

Every item at Halekulani carries with it a unique tale, and today we delve deep into the story of the Sea Salts of Hawaii, a prized ingredient found at our boutique.

Optimal Sleep

Optimal Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of every living body’s daily routine.  We try to spend an average of one third of our lives sleeping or… Read more
Hawaiian Indigo

Hawaiian Blue Indigo

With worldwide origins, the art form of indigo dyeing has withstood the test of time. Countries such as India, Africa, China and Japan have cultivated… Read more
Summer meal prep

Meal Prep for Summer – by Jinan Banna PhD, RD

Making plans for eating well over the summer is just as important as planning your vacation. Read more
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Waves of Waikiki

Waikiki is known for its world-renowned beaches and iconic surf breaks. Read more

The Origins of May Day

Lei is the most recognizable symbol of Hawaii. An expression of Aloha worn by both men and women, these wreath of flowers and foliage add… Read more
Halekulani Coconut Cake

The History of the Halekulani Coconut Cake

When talking about Halekulani, the signature coconut cake is sure to come up.  As decadent as it is visually appealing, people remember the light-as-air sponge… Read more
Orchids Sparkling Sunday Brunch

Orchids’ Sparkling Sunday Brunch

HONOLULU, HI – March 5, 2023 – Halekulani, Oahu’s most acclaimed luxury hotel just steps away from Waikiki beach, today announces an enhancement to its… Read more
Spring Reset

Spring Reset

It seems as if 2023 is zooming by.  This is the perfect time for a “reset” to your body, mind, and soul, which is extremely… Read more

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Entrance pergola at the Bishop Museum

Bishop Museum

Enhance your trip to Oahu by learning more of the history of Hawaii and exploring the largest collection of Hawaiian and Pacific cultural artifacts and… Read more
Iolani Palace was and continues to be the only official royal residence in the United States

Iolani Palace

From royalty and grand balls to unrest and imprisonment, Iolani Palace stands as an iconic national landmark representing an important promise for the Hawaiian Kingdom.… Read more
Kūkaʻōʻō Heiau at Manoa Heritage Center

Manoa Heritage Center

Nestled in the Manoa Valley, Manoa Heritage Center is a 3.5-acre living classroom dedicated to promoting the understanding of Hawaii’s natural and cultural heritage. Featuring… Read more
Hawaii Symphony Orchestra on stage

Hawaii Symphony Orchestra

Musicians gather from around the world to join the esteemed Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, beloved by locals and visitors alike for its exceptional performances, educational opportunities… Read more


The original Halekulani began in 1907 as a residential hotel, owned by Robert Lewers

Discover the History and Heritage of Halekulani

The captivating history of Halekulani began long before the founding of the hotel – when the land on which the property sits became the very… Read more
Communal table at Cattleya Wine Bar in Orchids restaurant

Halekulani’s Cattleya Wine Bar: The Perfect Spot to Enjoy Global Wines With Oceanfront Views

Offering a variety of wine from around the world, Cattleya Wine Bar provides an idyllic location for guests to relax and “wine” down at Halekulani.… Read more
Hula dancer at House Without A Key

The Movement of Hula

Hula has been an integral part of the Hawaiian culture for many years. This complex art form portrays the words of the oli (chant) and… Read more
Woman receiving spa facial treatment

Embrace the Natural Healing of the Island

According to oral history passed down from generation to generation, early Hawaiians regarded Waikiki as a place of recovery and rejuvenation. The beach on which… Read more