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We offer a range of treatments, from Polynesian bodywork and Asian-inspired therapies, to skin, hair and nail care options. We also have a duet suite for couples treatments.

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Massage Body Work: Experience Tradition
Healing modalities have been an integral part of cultures throughout the Pacific for many generations. SpaHalekulani has captured the essence, using ingredients for massage that are indigenous to the islands, offering a unique taste of a profound experience.
From the Pacific
Authentic treatments practiced by Islanders for generations, the finest expression of Polynesian bodywork.
50 & 80
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage
The ultimate in relaxation, using oil of the kukui nut.
50 min - $185
80 min - $235
50 & 80
Nonu Samoan Massage
Incorporates hot stones to release muscular tension, using oil of noni.
50 min - $185
80 min - $235
50 & 80
Taurumi Tahitian Massage
Combines invigorating techniques to awaken the senses, using oil of monoï.
50 min - $185
80 min - $235
50 & 80
Ho‘olele Signature Massage
Intense yet soothing strokes characterize this extraordinary deep barefoot massage.
(recommended for those who prefer strong pressure)
50 min - $195
80 min - $245
From the East
A collection of Asian therapies to offer you a healing experience for the mind and body.
50 & 80
Shiatsu Japanese Pressure Therapy
Deep ‘finger pressure’ points for overall stimulation.
50 min - $185
80 min - $235
50 & 80
Zen Shiatsu
Acupressure to balance the body’s energy system.
(provided on a futon, wear loose comfortable clothing)
50 min - $195
80 min - $245
Massage Body Work: Custom Care
Provided by some of the finest in their fields, our personalized massage services are designed to address your individual needs. Some benefits include: improved circulation, muscular toning, tension release, enhanced sleep and relaxation.
50 & 80
Aromatherapy Massage
Incorporates a selection of essential oil blends to enhance your state of being: Breathe, Relax, Energize, Balance, Soothe and Well-being.
50 min - $185
80 min - $235
50 & 80
Custom Massage
Combines techniques to suit your individual needs.
50 min - $185
80 min - $235
Four Hands Massage
Two providers working to relax you from head to toe.
30 min - $175
Head, Neck & Shoulders
Releases upper body tension, using arnica lotion.
30 min - $125
Hot Stone Therapy
Penetrating heat for a deeper sense of relaxation.
80 min - $245
Leg Relief
Releases lower body tension, using arnica lotion.
30 min - $125
50 & 80
Prenatal Massage
Provides relaxation with body support and gentle care.
(not recommended during 1st trimester)
50 min - $185
80 min - $235
50 & 80
Stimulates the body with specific pressure applied to the feet.
50 min - $175
80 min - $225
50 & 80
Swedish Massage
Combines therapeutic techniques to rejuvenate the entire body.
50 min - $175
80 min - $225
Enhancements ~ 30 minute services for an additional fee:
Conditioning Hair Therapy, Furo / Bath Ritual, Nourishing Mini Facial, Soothing Scalp & Foot Massage, Purifying Steam Shower, Air Bubble Massage Bath
In-room Massages
Please inquire about our complete menu of guestroom experiences.
Skin Care: For the Body
Our body treatments incorporate quality products that are organic, wildcrafted or locally sourced, proven to be effective for both mind and body.
Halekulani Supreme
Take pleasure in our deluxe body treatment, combining a full body exfoliation and soothing soak, followed by a moisturizing wrap and relaxing massage.
100 min - $315
Conditioning Body Polish
Purifies your skin with an invigorating scrub, steam shower, followed by a soothing application made from the finest natural ingredients.
50 min - $225
Tropical Moisturizing Wrap
A gentle exfoliation, followed by a botanical body butter application and envelopment.
80 min - $275
Espresso Limon Slimming Treatment
Incorporates espresso, lemon extracts and Moroccan cinnamon, to detoxify your body, resulting in smoother and firmer skin.
80 min - $275
"After Glow" Post-Sun Body Treatment
Experience the healing effects of aloe vera and noni.
50 min - $175
Cleansing Back Treatment
Clarifies, brightens and hydrates the skin while addressing skin conditions and concerns on the back.
30 min - $125
Skin Care: For the Face
SpaHalekulani facials are categorized by the needs of your skin, and available for your choosing. Based on your selection, an expert aesthetician will provide the utmost care using products perfectly formulated for results, leaving you looking and feeling your best.
"Timeless" Facial
Features peptides, antioxidants, and collagen-supporting serums, combined with massage to tone the face.
50 min - $185
"Atoxelene" Oxygen Facial
Targets fine lines and wrinkles, while promoting smoother, softer skin.
80 min - $295
50 & 80
"Vitamin C+3 Boost" Oxygen Facial
Designed to visibly correct the signs of aging by using a boost of 3 forms of Vitamin C.
50 min - $215
80 min - $255
"Glow" Facial
Features products to lighten and brighten your skin for a balanced and overall improved complexion.
50 min - $185
50 & 80
"Opulence" Oxygen Facial
Utilizes potent serums that target dull skin and hyper-pigmentation, resulting in an even complexion and skin tone.
50 min - $215
80 min - $255
"Quench" Facial
Promotes lasting effects of hydration with applied moisture products.
50 min - $185
50 & 80
"Rejuvenate" Oxygen Facial
Incorporates hyaluronic gel to deliver instant results for supple skin.
50 min - $215
80 min - $255
"Tranquil" Facial
Soothes and nourishes sensitive skin with an assortment of calming ingredients.
50 min - $185
50 & 80
"Collagen Boost" Oxygen Facial
Improves the volume and elasticity of the skin with collagen supporting serum.
50 min - $215
80 min - $255
"Purify" Facial
Features skin clarifying products that leave the pores clear to improve the texture of your skin and repair damage done by environmental stressors.
50 min - $185
50 & 80
"Clarify" Oxygen Facial
Targets acne and reduces inflammation with serums designed to clear and refine problematic skin.
50 min - $215
80 min - $255
*Organic products available upon request
SpaHalekulani Signature "Euphoria" Facial
The 90-minute Signature Euphoria Facial incorporates a total of 20 products from the JK7® collection to attain ultimate balance on a cellular level. Special techniques are applied by a SpaHalekulani therapist to ensure guests reap the benefits of Dr. Klein’s signature skin care line, made of completely natural essential oils and herbal extracts. The Facial concludes with a refreshing Le Mint beverage on the spa terrace and a scented candle to keep as a memento of the euphoric experience.
90 min - $355
"Halekulani Facial"
An expression of Halekulani, incorporating sophisticated natural Hawaiian products.
*Includes arms and legs
80 min - $265
Oxygen facials can be provided in your guest room for an additional charge.
For the Body
We treat the skin on your body with as much attention and care as your face. Refer to the Body Treatment page for a complete list of services.
Facial and Body Waxing Services
Brow Clean-Up - $25
Brow Shape - $45
Lip - $20
Chin - $25
Cheek - $30
Under Arm - $30
Half Arm - $45
Full Arm - $60
Chest - $65
Back - $80
Bikini Line Clean-Up - $45
Full Bikini- $80
Half Leg - $60
Full Leg - $80
Spa Rituals For Well-Being
Experiences designed to relax, revive and renew… allowing you to enjoy complete fulfillment.
1.5 hrs
Stimulate your mind and body with this splendid combination... a Tropical Sugar Scrub created with natural ingredients, followed by an invigorating Custom Massage using our SpaHalekulani signature ‘Energizing’ oil.
1.5 hrs - $295
2.5 hrs
Your tension will begin to release during the lavish Hair & Scalp massage. As you remain in ‘the zone’, the Massage continues to become full body using an intoxicating blend of essential oils for relaxation, and concludes with a Soothing Facial for the perfect final touch.
2.5 hrs - $425
2.5 hrs
Enjoy complete rejuvenation with the detoxifying properties of this deluxe body experience. Start with a Purifying Steam Therapy, then allow us to provide you with techniques to replenish the lymphatic system. Afterwards, enjoy being smothered with a nourishing Botanical Body Wrap and . Complete the renewal with a Cleansing Facial to satisfy your skin care needs.
2.5 hrs - $495
(These rituals include a nourishing smoothie.)
Spa Suites: Exclusive for Couples
Our duet suite experiences offer a private sanctuary including hydrotherapy and refreshments essential for your special occasion.
2.5 hrs
Escape to the comfort of our couples Spa Suite, and begin your journey with a Relaxing Steam Shower and Air Bubble Massage Bath by candlelight with Champagne. Continue the ceremony with Soothing Scalp and Full Body Massages side-by-side using an aromatic blend of essential oils. Afterwards join together on the private terrace to delight in a selection of food and beverages just for the two of you.
2.5 hrs - $695
3.5 hrs
Designed for shared relaxation, this ritual begins with a Light Exfoliation and Purification soak in our traditional Furo bath. Prepare yourselves for a Deluxe Massage and Facial provided side by side, concluding with a light meal to seal the memory of this special occasion.
3.5 hrs - $995
5.5 hrs
Romance Remembered
Embark on an intimate voyage with your loved one. This package is designed to spark the pleasure of romance. It begins with our signature Spa Salutation, followed by a soak in our traditional Furo, then Relaxing Massages and Custom Facials side by side. Afterward on the terrace, savor Champagne and decadent delights prepared by acclaimed Halekulani chefs. Manicures and Pedicures provide the perfect finishing touch to your couple’s retreat.
5.5 hrs - $1300
(depart with a SpaHalekulani gift to enhance the romance)
Hair Care
Our highly trained stylists provide fabulous creations and finishing touches for the polished individual, the trendy traveler and the bride-to-be.
Tropical Hair Therapy
An essential oil treatment designed to restore your hair’s natural balance. This, combined with a shoulder, neck and scalp massage, will increase circulation to ease your mind and release the tension of jet-lag or stress.
(complimentary hair accessory, shampoo and blow dry included)
Deluxe Treatment
A Tropical Hair Therapy with shampoo, style and hand paraffin.
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Purifies, hydrates and reconstructs coarse, dry and sun parched hair.
Cuts & Style
*prices starting from
Women’s Cut with shampoo/style - $90 - $120
Men’s Cut with shampoo/style - $45
Children’s Cut (10 yrs and under) - $35
Bang Trim, Edge Trim - $25
(sideburns, beard or mustache clean-up)
Shampoo/Blowout - $70
Shampoo/Style - $80
Shampoo/Set - $90
Updo - $95
Updo with Shampoo - $130
Updo with Shampoo and Makeup Application - $200
Braids - $30
Bridal Styles $130 includes Makeup Refresher & Champagne
Color Enhancements
*prices starting from
Full Highlights - $150
Partial Highlights - $105
Full Color - $125
Color Retouch - $90
Makeup Refresher - $25
Makeup Application - $80
Please consult with our stylist prior to the beginning of your hair service to determine pricing. Prices may vary slightly depending on the length, thickness and requested styling of hair.
Special Event Styling
Event Hair Styling - $135
Event Makeup - $115
Bridal Complete - $260; Hair Styling, Makeup, Includes Personal Touch-Up Kit. All Brides and parties of three or more receive a glass of Champagne
Nail Care
Our salon allows you to relish in the comfort of our luxurious zero-gravity chairs, as we cater to your hands and feet.
Manicures & Pedicures
Express Manicure - 30 min - $45
Spa Manicure - 50 min - $60
Halekulani Supreme Manicure - 60 min - $75
Express Pedicure - 50 min - $65
Spa Pedicure - 60 min - $90
Halekulani Supreme Pedicure - 75 min - $120
Spa Mani/Pedi Combo - 105 min - $140
Halekulani Supreme Combo - 2 hrs 15 min - $185
Children’s Nails - 30 min - $35
Teen Mani/Pedi - 90 min - $120
Gel Polish
Add to Manicure - $20
Add to Pedicure - $25
Gel Polish Removal - $25
*prices starting from
Nail Repair - $15
French Polish - $20
Nail Art - $1 to $10 (per nail)
Paraffin - $30
Artificial Nail Removal - $45