Well Being

 At our award-winning Waikiki spa, SpaHalekulani, we’re proud to lend a hand to residents and guests on the road to a more healthful life with our Living Well Lectures, monthly, one-hour classes that provide insight, tips and tools to help participants eat well and establish healthier lifestyle choices.


Every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., guests are invited to our Hau Terrace for a reception hosted by our staff and General Manager, Mr. Ulrich Krauer for the General Manager’s reception.

Arts & Culture

Oahu has always welcomed a diversity of people with traditions that span cultures. Mochi-pounding, a Japanese custom, is one of those rituals. It’s a day-long preparation of mochi, a sweet rice, that is eaten here on New Year’s Day as a symbol of strength and good luck. 

Well Being

SpaHalekulani introduced the remarkable JK7 line of skin care products in the spring. The items have been so well received that the Spa is now offering a 90-minute Euphoria facial, based on their transformative powers.

Halekulani Family

In our ongoing series Meet the Family, we introduce you to some of the people who make Halekulani so special. Their dedication to the timeless art of hospitality, their devotion to assisting our guests and their genuine warmth contribute to our legacy of exceptional service.