The Hawaii Food and Wine Festival brings together some of the world’s finest chefs to create dishes inspired by the fresh tastes of our islands. The sixth annual festival takes place on Oahu from October 26 - October 30, 2016. 

Well Being

The popular and informative Living Well Lectures continue this fall. These inspiring monthly talks, given by resident Lifestyle Coach, Kamala Skipper, offer tips and tools to make better choices for a more healthful life. 

Arts & Culture

Halekulani, recognized as one of the finest Honolulu hotels, is dedicated to supporting the legacy of our island home. An essential aspect of this legacy is preserving Hawaii’s rich plant life, so we have proudly partnered with the Merwin Conservancy to establish the Merwin Garden on our property. 

Lilikoi Tart

House Without A Key is Halekulani's popular beachfront restaurant that offers informal meals throughout the day as well as cocktails, appetizers and entertainment. Now guests have an added reason to return, our new menus.

Arts & Culture

As part of Halekulani’s commitment to celebrating Hawaiian culture, customs and traditions, we’re proud to host the exhibit “Lei Hulu” at our gallery.

Halekulani Family

In our ongoing series, Meet the Family, we introduce you to some of the people who make Halekulani so special. Today, we meet Hi'inani Blakesely, Massage Therapist at Spa Halekulani, our Waikiki Spa.