Arts & Culture

Hula has been an integral part of the Hawaiian culture for many years. This complex art form portrays the words of the oli (chant) and mele (song) in a visual dance.


A subtle yet distinct mark for guests to Hawaii that Halekulani will always be their home.



Aside from the scenic oceanfront views and award-winning service, when people think of Halekulani, our iconic coconut cake comes to mind.  

Arts & Culture

It is no secret that the Kiawe tree is an important part of Halekulani’s legacy. 

Arts & Culture

Since its inception more than a century ago, Halekulani has endured many changes, but one thing has always remained the same – the hotel’s commitment to warm hospitality. 

National Mai Tai day is June 30th and we cannot think of a better way to celebrate than making our signature Mai Tai, which dates back 36 years during the restoration of the hotel!

Man and woman spearfishing in Hawaii
Arts & Culture

Halekulani Living TV has just launched the new season featuring videos that capture the Halekulani lifestyle through the traditions, culture, art, style, and food of Hawaii.  

Arts & Culture

The newest addition to Halekulani's For You, Everything program – the Manoa Heritage Center

Arts & Culture

In the spirit of renewel, Halekulani planted a young palm tree from the Merwin Conservancy and conducted a reblessing of the Merwin Garden at Halekulani in celebration of the late world renowned poet and dedicated ecologist W.S. Merwin.