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Kawehewehe: Healing Waters of Waikiki


They say that water sustains life and works in harmony with its surroundings. In Waikiki, this statement has proven to be true, as the oceanfront along Halekulani offers “bubbling” fresh-water springs.

This oceanfront is one of four ancient Hawaiian healing sites in Waikiki.  There is a natural coral reef entrance to the site along both sides of Grey’s Beach, with a rich sand-filled channel, known to be the best sand beach in the area.

Long ago, the royal ali’i, otherwise known as the traditional nobility of the Hawaiian Islands, would come to this area to bathe in the natural healing waters. They would wear a limu kala, or seaweed lei, into the ocean and then offer the lei to the waters.  The seaweed lei offering symbolized the forgiveness of any past sins or wrongdoings, which were believed to be a cause of sickness.  This offering and bathing process became later known as Kawehewehe, or the removal of ailments, relieving those of all physical, spiritual and emotional burdens.

The power of Kawehewehe can still be felt today as the fresh water’s temperature and color differs from the surrounding coral area.

For those looking to experience the healing waters of Waikiki, we suggest heading over to the public access point at Gray’s Beach, which is between the Sheraton Waikiki and Halekulani.

When you visit, be sure to share your photos of Gray’s Beach and the healing waters with us on social media by tagging @HalekulaniHotel.

View from balcony of Kawehewehe
Kawehewehe with view of Diamond Head

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