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Optimal Sleep

Optimal Sleep

Sleep is a vital part of every living body’s daily routine.  We try to spend an average of one third of our lives sleeping or trying to sleep as it is as essential to survival as water and food.  Without sleep, we are not able to function or concentrate.


David Stewart, the AGEIST, has spent the past eight years researching how to live healthier longer.  We are pleased to have David as our first Visiting Master for 2023 from August 19 – 26, 2023 as he will be focusing on Optimal Sleep for Health & Vitality.


The week-long seminar and consultation series will focus on Optimal Sleep.  Some of the information that will be shared:


  • Why we need quality sleep and the consequences of not getting enough sleep.
  • Jet lag strategies that work.
  • Best practices for sleeping couples.
  • Nightly sleep preparation routines
  • Effects of diet on sleep
  • The usefulness of supplements, sleep trackers, and other equipment


For more information on the weeklong event and on David Stewart, learn more here.

Optimal Sleep
Optimal Sleep
Optimal Sleep
Optimal Sleep

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