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Sonic Alchemy

Sonic Alchemy

Today, there is a huge movement towards self-care and wellness, and while there are so many products, gadgets, classes, and therapies to try, one that “rings a bell” for is a treatment using sound therapy, which promotes harmonic well-being by using auditory stimulants, replicating elemental frequencies found in nature.


A shift of consciousness occurs when using certain instruments, resulting in mental clarity and focus.  This journey allows the participant to relax the body and trigger the imagination, expanding creativity and connecting to one’s higher self.

Alchemy is described as transforming things for the better in ways that can’t be explained.  It is based on the belief that there are four elements of nature – air, fire, water, and earth, and each can be heard in the different layering and combinations of the different sounds.

Sonic Alchemy transforms you to a meditative state and its benefits include:

  • Faster jet-lag recovery
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety, depression, and tension.
  • Pain Management
  • Increase in work productivity and performance
  • Deeper connection to one’s higher self.


Join us for a special preview of our first Visiting Master series of 2022 led by Musician Michelle Pirret. Her unique methodology, The Sonic Leap®™, is more than a typical sound meditation. This elevated experience incorporates elemental sounds found in nature, including earth, wind, fire and water, resulting in a shift in the energetics of the body and a complete clarity of connection to one’s intuition.   

Halekulani presents the first Visiting Master Series of 2022- “Sonic Alchemy:  Sound Meditation & Vibroacoustic Therapy.”  For more information please visit here or call 808-931-5322 for reservations.

Pirret Gongs
Sonic Alchemy
Pirret Gongs
Sonic Alchemy

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