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The Halekulani Fine Art Collection

Sea Anemone by Tadashi Sato

Since its inception, Halekulani has celebrated the rich arts and culture of Hawaii.   In addition to our “For You, Everything” program, which allows guests access to some of the finest art and cultural venues in O’ahu, we are pleased to announce our new Halekulani Fine Art Collection exhibit at the property.

Curated by Christina May Ho of Island Art Advisory and CMHO Fine Art, this special collection was uniquely envisioned for our “House Befitting Heaven.” Embodying elegance and sublime simplicity, this elevated art experience features a selection of local art legends and rising contemporary artists.

Each piece of art displayed throughout the hotel tells a story that speaks to the theme of our “House Befitting Heaven,” and allows viewers to understand the artist’s abstraction of reality and see what may not be visible to the naked eye.

As you re-familiarize yourself with the Halekulani that you know and love, we encourage you to connect with each of our new art pieces and dig deeper into Hawaii’s arts and culture. For more information, please visit the link below and share your photos of our new art collection by tagging @HalekulaniHotel.

Surf and Submerged Rocks by Tadashi Sato
Coral Blossom, Dancing Water & Heavenly Spring by John Tanji Koga
Halekulani by John Tanji Koga
Dancing Water by John Tanji Koga
Halekulani by John Tanji Koga in the Living Room

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