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The Journey of Sea Salts of Hawaii: From the Deep Ocean to Your Plate

Sea Salts of Hawaii

Every item at Halekulani carries with it a unique tale, and today we delve deep into the story of the Sea Salts of Hawaii, a prized ingredient found at our boutique.


Sourced from an impressive depth of 2,200 feet, the waters here are untouched by surface pollution and microplastics. Using a pipeline over 6,000 feet in length, this deep ocean water is brought ashore, rich in minerals and ready for its transformation. Kona Sea Salt is the only sea salt in the world made from pure, 900-year-old deep ocean water, rich in natural minerals and flavor.


The Kona salt farm reimagines the traditional salt making process using the solar evaporation technique in which salt water is brought to the surface by a natural rise in pressure in the 40” submerged ocean pipe (similar to how it works when you place your finger over a straw, then submerge it and remove your finger, the pressure naturally fills the straw). The water is then introduced to an enclosed solar evaporation system. This unique system is designed to dry the salt naturally using the sun.   It takes approximately four weeks for the seawater to naturally evaporate leaving behind the pure white salt crystals.  The crystals are then harvested by gently being scooped into covered wooden hoppers for their final drying step. Once it is fully dried, it is ready for inspection and then packaged for sale.


Free from additives, anti-clumping ingredients, and whitening agents, its unmatched purity has made it a favorite amongst gourmet chefs. This salt is nutritious as it is rich in trace minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc.  It also has 33% less sodium compared to regular table salt.


With every purchase, 1% of sales goes toward the Papahānaumokuākea Marine Debris Project, created to protect the sensitive wildlife and critical habitats of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument from the threats of marine debris and towards maintenance of its many significant Hawaiian cultural sites.


Located in our Boutique, guests can find this exquisite salt, its history, and the passion behind its creation. Whether you sprinkle it on your dish or use it to elevate your culinary creations, Kona Sea Salt is a testament to nature’s brilliance and human ingenuity.


For those who have tried dishes seasoned with Kona Sea Salt and Sea Salts of Hawaii, share your experience with us! Tag @halekulanihotel and let us know what you think.

Sea Salts of Hawaii
Sea Salts of Hawaii
Sea Salts of Hawaii
Sea Salts of Hawaii
Sea Salts of Hawaii

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